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Mrs. A. Niemarkt - MT-member, De Rooi Pannen

Martijn provided an Insights Discovery training for my team. His expertise, tranquility and knowledge have ensured that the team experienced this training as very valuable. We can now continue to build on team reinforcement. Thank you Martijn!

Mr. V. van Dijk - Owner, VAT & More

In one word “Excellent” training and looking forward to the second training day.

Mr. P. de Rooij - MT-member, Curio Effent

I have gotten to know Martijn as a committed, enthusiastic but above all expert trainer. Martijn knows how to ask the right questions, clarify the relationship between practice and literature and link advice to this. Martijn has a nice way of communicating which makes you feel at ease with him quickly, his humor and empathy ensure a pleasant interaction.

Mr. D. Kleppe - CFO, Vendor

I have experienced Martijn as open, to the point, a peoplemanager with excellent communication skills. He has the ability to communicate complex matters in a simple way so people are aligned.

Mrs. M. van Zantvoort - CCO Healthcare informatics, Philips

Working with Martijn is a joy! What surfaces immediately is his integrity and his sense of teamwork. His questions are not seldom probing and challenging: with the aim to raise the bar to new levels or put a spotlight on new perspectives. He has a good sense of what is urgent and what is important. Takes the time to get to know the people he works with, and builds strong relationships. His enthusiasm and sense of humor can give the needed lift in heavier circumstances, and it enables Martijn to create new opportunities to better the position of all in a certain situation.

Insights Discovery

Who are you? Why do you behave the way you do? Insights Discovery helps you discover your own, unique potential and to recognize the potential of others. And in the end, to unlock the potential of your organization.

Advanced team performance

How does your (management) team look like? How do you improve team effectiveness and manage teamdynamics. Advanced team performance helps you improve team dynamics, offers tools for courageous conversations, improve communication and more.

Change management

The results you want, the change you need. Equip your people to embrace organizational change now and sustain your changes well into the future.


Heemskerk academy trains professional and executives on personal development and is specialized in improving team performance and getting your employees on board during changes in your organization.

Everything starts with self-knowledge and self-management: investigate and discover more about yourself. Heemskerk academy is Insights Discovery accredited and uses this model to learn more about yourself and others.

The next step is to create social consciousness: learn how to understand, recognize and appreciate differences between people.

The third step is all about relationship management: learn how to maintain your relationships, adjust your behavior towards someone else to improve effectiveness of your interactions and manage courageous conversations.

The final step is all about team effectivity and change mangement. Apply your leadership skills in order to accelerate team performance and get everyone on the same page.

What can you expect working with me


Smile and have fun, don’t take everything too seriously!


More is lost by indecision than wrong decision.


Always be honest, period.


Your team is largely responsible for your own success.


What happens in the training, stays in the training.

Frequently asked questions

Who is the training for?

Anyone who works in a team environment, manages a team or who is genuinly interested in working on personal development.

Where do trainings of Heemskerk academy differ from others?

Discussing team dynamics and change management require a trainer with a lot of empathy who is not afraid to show his vulnerability. This creates a safe training environment where participants are not afraid to open up and share their struggles, concerns and challenges. What happens in the training, stays in the training.

Where are the trainings given?

Our training courses can be given in-company as well as at an external location based on your preference.

Does a training session only contain theoretical information?

No, the training courses contain a mix of theoretical information and individual and/or group assignments and teach you to look at things from different perspectives.

Do I pay per individual participant or does a fixed price per day?

Both options are possible. The training courses and the agreements that we make with you are tailor-made.

Who are we for?

Personal development, team performance and change management are themes applicable to a wide variety of organizations.

Although themes are often universal, every organization often presents its own unique challenges, concerns and struggles.

Therefore, every training is tailor-made and accomodated to the organization in scope.

Heemskerk academy has trained a large variety of different organizations, varying from educational institutions, healthcare institutions, multinationals to small business enterprises.

This unique set of experience often helps to bring different perspectives for a problem. Curious? Do not hesitate to plan a meeting.