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Learn more about the founder, Martijn Heemskerk and how his personal background provides a mix of unique trainings for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Who is Martijn Heemskerk?

Martijn Heemskerk (1976) is the owner of Heemskerk academy executive training. He recognized the need for high-quality trainings in the market. Heemskerk academy now has a training portfolio with the successful “Why-series” and trains Heemskerk academy everything you need to know.

Martijn has worked as a certified public auditor in the Netherlands (RA) for more than 12 years and more than 8 years in various positions at a multinational, including as financial director and sales and marketing director of a business. He has also worked for 5 years as a director of a charity foundation and currently works as a teacher at Nyenrode business university and as a Crossfit Level 1 trainer in a Crossfit box in Eindhoven.

In these positions, he has carried out his work both in small and medium-sized enterprises and internationally. As a result, he has built up a multifaceted experience, working together with the public sector, various industries and a variety of different people and cultures. Throughout his professional career, he has focused on training and coaching other people.

Martijn is characterized by a number of characteristics. He thinks, for example, that training should be informative as well as fun and that people should be able to laugh. He challenges the status quo and believes in honesty. As a sports enthusiast, he believes that a fit body keeps the mind fit as well.

Others about Heemskerk

I have gotten to know Martijn as a committed, enthusiastic but above all expert trainer. Martijn knows how to ask the right questions, clarify the relationship between practice and literature and link advice to this. Martijn has a nice way of communicating which makes you feel at ease with him quickly, his humor and empathy ensure a pleasant interaction.

Martijn is a passionate trainer who shows genuine interest in every participant. He has a strong interest in the behavior of other people and likes to analyze why people behave in a certain way. With apparent simplicity, he quickly manages to get to the heart of a problem and puts his finger on the sore spot. His years of experience as an auditor and professional at a multinational, in which he has experienced a variety of situations, help him enormously in this.


M.H. (Martijn) Heemskerk MSc RA

Work experience

  • Nyenrode Business University: Lecturer master auditing & assurance
  • Philips: Marketing & sales director, Finance director
  • Lucille Werner Foundation: Member of the board of directors
  • PwC: Manager audit
  • Joanknecht & Van Zelst: Management consultant and senior associate


  • Philips University: Lean Foundation
  • Nyenrode Business University: Post-master accountancy
  • Nyenrode Business University: Master accountancy
  • Avans Hogeschool: Bachelor accountancy

Licenses & certifications

  • Insights Discovery Practitioner
  • Crossfit Level 1 trainer

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