One of the things I really appreciated about my mom was her ability to quickly read people. I really admired her for that. She would meet someone for the first time and be able to build a complete picture of this person. The scary part: she was never wrong. Not until she turned 60 years old, got acquainted with someone, became friends and found out the hard way that she wasn’t a friend at all. It hurt her deeply, I think most of all because she did not see that coming at all. Her intuition let her down…

Don’t let me down

I always thought I inherited her genes when it comes to reading people. I have met amazing people, dealt with not so nice people but always knew upfront with whom I was dealing with. Same happened to me: 22 years of business experience, I took the biggest jump in my career and found out the hard way I completely misjudged it. Also, my intuition let me down…


The way we perceive the world around us is a matter of perception. Our attitude and behavior are the result of our perception and influence in the end our relationships and interactions. They shape our personality.

Everyone is unique

Personality types are not new, they already exist since Hippocrates in the Greek antiquity. Psychiatrist dr. Carl Jung is probably the most renowned person who wrote different books about it. In his book ‘Psychological types’, Jung describes a difference between three personal preferences: attitudes, rational functions and irrational functions. They interact and cannot function independently from each other. The combination and intensity determine one’s unique personality.


The irrational function describes the combination of sensing versus intuition. They help us to observe and interpret the world around us. Sensing registers all tangible details that can be distinguished in the external world. Someone with a strong preference for sensing bases its behavior on sensory perceptions in the here and now. Intuition is usually more future-oriented. We use this function to interpret patterns and to make connections. This can help us to look at things with a different view. When intuition emerges from our unconscious, it can evoke feelings, sensations and thoughts that cannot be explained. Intuition can therefore also be defined as an experience-based phenomenon that arises from implicit knowledge that has been collected by experience and can be retrieved by pattern recognition and can be seen as a personality type.

Back to me

Was I wrong to use my intuition? No, I don’t think so. It is my personality, this is who I am. It has helped me in many occasions to make the right decision. In 22 years, it has only let me down once, when it happened I quickly anticipated and adjusted the situation. But, it taught me to never neglect my sensory function and continue to observe and analyze everything around me.

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